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Random Musings

I find the idea of a Kindle interesting but cannot imagine not holding a book to read it.  I am the same way about kintting, no machine...just lots of needles.


I have a subscription to The Atlantic I love that downloads to my Kindle automatically once a month for $1.25 an issue, thanks to your recommendation of said publication.

I'm a big fan of paper books too, ...or so I keep saying.  I find any more that I do prefer to read on the Kindle - more options always at my fingertips, built-in dictionary and search function, super easy highlighting and annotating, and I do find it's easier on the eyes than the printed page.


Atlantic really is my favorite magazine!  But I am dropping most subscriptions (I have so many) before we move in a few months (maybe six?) and am trying to determine whether or not Atlantic on Kindle is "just as good" or not.  I'm pleased to know that you are happy with it that way.

Although I thought I might "quit buying books" when I got the Kindle, in fact I have purchased several since.  Kindle has a lot of things I am interested in (I read non-fiction in government, economics, sociology, psychology, history) but it doesn't "have it all."  So it is still an experiment for me.

I have read more (instead of only buying and piling up books) since I got the Kindle because of the easier-on-the-eyes factor.


The manservant gave me a Kindle for my birthday in July and I love it for reading at work during my lunchbreak (and will enjoy it on the train when I start taking that again).  I love having half a dozen different books on there and swapping between fiction and non fiction on a whim without having the weight of taking books to work.  I do still read "real" books at home and in bed at night though -  nothing beats the feel of the paper - these books tend to be ones that we would both enjoy where-as the Kindle has things that are only of interest to me.  It will be wonderful on long plane flights where I  normally read 3 books on the trip home to Australia. 


Everytime I come across a book on Amazon that is not available on Kindle I click the option to let the publisher know that I would like it in a Kindle edition.  Perhaps eventually it will have more of the "have it all" .......   


I've been doing that, too.  And I would think that the cost of "publishing" a Kindle edition would be relatively small.  So why not do it that way too?  I hope that it (or perhaps a successor, one day down the road) becomes a very standard way to distribute all books--at least as an alternative.

Actually, the pattern now is to publish the paperback a number of months later.  Perhaps that is another alternative for Kindle publishing?

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