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Zen Ken

I have a real problem with the TSA.  Any organization with the word 'Administration' in it's title, by default is going to be ineptly run.  And it's very obvious that they are.  Rather than performing due diligence - that is their responsibility, they put restrictions on the passengers.

Does the military blame civilians when a car bomb explodes near their compound?  Do they blame civilians when ships collide at sea?  No.  They put the blame where it belongs, evaluate.  They might knee jerk a bit, but training get implemented and diligence continues to be a core component to one's job.

Someone needs to get rid of this idea that they are an administration and that they should be a proactive/defensive element.  Otherwise, I think we're just as well off before they were instituted.  It's a ridiculous amount of inefficiency and trust me - when you see inefficiency you automatically think -ineptitude and lack of accountability.  Responsibility needs to be pushed all the way down to the lowest level in that organization.  It's not Obama's job, but he can put the thumbscrews to them to do it right and take personal responsibility for their failings.


[this is good] I watched that speech live and that citizenship line jumped out at me even then.  I think Obama has done plenty wrong, but dealing with his critics is definitely not one of them.   For some reason lately there's become a trend of wanting our politicians to be "just like us" and somehow that = so casual and down home that they come off as dumb.  I want my politicians to be well educated and to sound smart since they have to understand complicated laws, etc.  They can still understand my home state issues while being smart, as hopefully they came from here.  In the middle of this sound like us trend it became popular to speak as if you're in some bar fight or something.  Obama is one of the few who seems oblivious to that -- in public at least.  Which is good.  Away from  the cameras I'm sure he's bashing them right back but that's where that kind of talk should stay. 

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[this is good]

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