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We were on one of our trips a while back and I recall us going to a JA restaurant.  I don't remember where now, though.  All I really remember about JA was when I read The Martian Chronicles and there was a chapter about a martian version of him.


Dewitte, I have been told by knowledgeable but cynical friends that the Johnny Appleseed story was a sort of commercial creation on the part of the apple industry.  They wanted to sell more apples; previously, the "major" pie had been mincemeat.

Whatever the truth is, I do like the story very much, and what it symbolizes.  And I am a fan of Paul Bunyan, too--though not to the same degree.  There can be a lot of "wisdom" in these stories that get handed along, from generation to generation.

Here is a link to a JA restaurant in Virginia.  Perhaps that was it?  Makes me want to go there!


That's definitely the one and when I expanded the map, I was able to tell that it was on our Luray Caverns trip a few years ago.  I didn't realize they were not a chain.  It was a nice place to eat and they had a lot of apple products - as you would expect - specifically this Apple pancake syrup which was quite yummy.


Thanks, Dewitte.  I'm glad it is not a chain, and am going when we get a chance.  We have relatives in that part of the world, and I like the mountains and the valley and the Appalachian Trail.  And bluegrass music.

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