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Jenn F.

When people have republished my photographic work on blogs my own preference is for them to 1) ask, 2) I get right of refusal if I don't like the context, 3) can't be for commercial use, and 4) they acknowledge with a linkback to my site. That said, often not all or even any of the above happens. Usually, I think people linkback as the acknowledgement, though I'm not sure how it works with publications like the Times. If people are tracking things like that the linkback will pop up in their analytics or whatever, so they can always check out how it's being used. Some stuff has rights linked to it through Creative Commons.

And I do wonder what, if anything, will come of the teabaggers. Will they be the Ross Perot of the decade (of which nothing came)? Or will they be the Contract with America (which was only a little more successful)? Or will they become the new Whig party? Or perhaps they will pull a Whig Party on the GOP? Or something else?


[this is good] Jenn, oh goodness, the technicalities and legalities regarding photos seem overwhelming.  Often I just search for pictures on Google, and if I find one I like, use it to illustrate my post.  

You seem quite a bit better informed on these matters than I am!

Okay, re the teabaggers.  It is so hard to know!  But if I were to make a prediction, right now, for the November elections, I would predict that the teabaggers will cost the Republicans some seats, or at least some incumbents.  That is my official prediction, written down for all to see and me to remember.

But--what I really think is that, in the longer run, we are headed toward a revolution and fall from grace.  Remember when Britania ruled the waves?  Remember the Soviet Union's empire?  Things come together, and then things come apart.  I think that the teabaggers (which movement is certainly based on honest economic discontent about conditions that started in the 1970s and got worse in the 1980s and beyond) are just an aspect of our sharp decline.  They are rightfully angry, but there angry is completed misdirected on the wrong place.  

So that is my second prediction, but of course I may not live long enough to know if it is correct or not....

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