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It's your blog, DrD, so you post what you like on it. I personally flit about and post whatever takes my fancy.


Oh no no no. Don't stick to one topic.

My own blog is a mess. I mean....it meanders from the ridiculous to the ludicrous to the thoughtful to the simply cute. (my animals). It hasn't made it to "sublime" yet.

But, it's all me. I love having thoughts just thrown out there...and I love having a place to throw them! :)

Keep up the good work!


I agree with Snowy and Lauri -- you should write about whatever you feel like writing about.  If you only wrote about politics it would most likely shorten your life and that's not good. ; )

Jenn F.

Bring it all on, Dr. D! Travel, politics, Song Dynasty sages, all of it.


Thanks, Jenn.  Eclectic, I guess.  It is hard for me to do otherwise.  If I was going to segregate my blog entries by subject, then I would have to maintain multiple blogs.  So I guess the hodge-podge assortment will stay, at least for a while!

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