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Jenn F.

[this is good] I'm always being disappointed by things, as well-- the country, people, myself. I keep trying to find the line between realistic appraisal and expectations and acceptance of the substandard. I haven't found it yet, though....

Random Musings

[this is good]


[this is good] This is very appropriate and relevant to how I have been feeling, too. I am trying to look for the good things. The media really does not report too many of the good things that are actually being done.
We barely hear about the credit card reform, the attempts at financial reform...any of the better things that the Obama administration is attempting to do.
The media instead focuses on how many Americans believe Obama is a Muslim, something which should have nothing to do with anything.

I do feel that progress has been made. And (to paraphrase Desiderata) the Universe is going forward as it should. I sense deep within myself that it's impossible for the Universe to do anything except move forward as it should. And even when it leaves us with aging reflexes and memory lapses...all is as it should be.

Thanks for the great post!

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