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Jenn F.

Thinking good thoughts for you for your health-- and for Oregon :)

Random Musings

Sending good thoughts for you.I hope the test results are good ones.


Sending positive vibes and hope you get on the road to Oregon as planned. 

Country By Design

Hope you get some good results and have a fabulous trip.  My hubby is hoping he can make it til his 65 birthday.  He has the days counted down.  He hasn't made his doctor's appointment yet, but he's talking about it.  He has been having serious issues eating again.  I think he may need another botox shot. 


Please keep us updated! I hope you can go to Oregon with no problems! 


Thinking of you, even though I don't post here often. Hope the tests come back ok.


Saw the doctor today.  The echo showed that my heart really is functioning poorly.  My "ejection fraction" is low, and my BNP score is high. Clear evidence of congestive heart failure.

We are delaying our long road trip for at least a week, while an effort is made to adjust medications, hoping that that might help.  Dropping a beta blocker, and adding in an old remedy, digitalis.  

What I am lucky about is that I have a good, attention doctor who really makes an effort.  I guess a cure is too much to hope for, but at least I would like to get some strength and energy back.  I have been sleeping at least a bit later lately.

Thanks to all for the good wishes.  Really, it means a lot!


This is good! I hope the good old digitalis does it's job! It's been very reliable in the past!
I work in a hospital lab, so BNPs are very familiar to me!
Best wishes, DrD!

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